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1. Standard Home Inspection

This type of home inspection is critical for home buyers who need a peace of mind. This is also highly recommended during the pre-offer transaction of a house purchase.

  • This is the most popular or most requested service I perform for my customers

  • A very detailed and thorough inspection which includes a detailed report and a thorough partnered tour of your home with me

  • On-the-spot question and answer session with the customer

  • Recommendations for deficiencies are also discussed

2. Pre-Listing Inspection

This inspection is important for sellers to do to simplify the negotiation process for the seller and the buyer to eliminate the home inspection clause of the house purchase process. The pre-listing inspection can eliminate any surprises​

  • Eliminates stress for both the seller and buyer

  • Listing agents and lenders can have the information they require to fill in their paperwork

3. Homeowner Maintenance Inspection

This type of inspection is recommended for home owners whom wish keep their homes in top notch shape! For investment property owners, this is a very important inspection as it pertains to them renting out their property for additional income. The landlord and tenant act calls for maintenance on rental property.

  • Pre-renovation inspection is also helpful for those thinking about renovating or making any large structural changes. 


4. Consulting Services

With my many years of experience in home contracting, my consultations provide advice on repairs to the premises including leaks, renovation, additions or any structural deficiencies that require care. 

Home Buyers

For the home buyer, our work involves a thorough inspections to offer peace of mind and an unbiased evaluation of your future home. Our goal is to educate first-time home buyers about the home and how best to maintain it.
Real Estate Professionals 

For real estate professionals, our work is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and that a relationship with Above All reinforces the safety and confidence that their clients have in them.

Home Sellers

For the home seller our goal
is to honour the home they have lived in and to report on its conditions observed at the time
of the inspection to offer some insight that may help them with
the sale of their home.

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